FTLOAS Photo Gallery - Closing Shop

To my 26,000 followers:

Tumblr has sent me an email threatening termination of my entire Tumblr account without warning if additional uncontested copyright infringement notifications are received. This would mean the termination of my main For the Love of a Submissive blog as well as this photo blog and other personal blogs I have here. I am astounded at the threatening tone taken by Tumblr particularly in light of the fact that every one of the 8,000+ images on this photo blog came from somewhere on Tumblr and were originally posted elsewhere by others without attribution.

To my knowledge there have to date been three of the 8,000+ images taken down off this blog which explicitly states that none of the images are mine and that I would happily remove images or give credit if notified to do so by the copyright holder. Indeed I have done so on several occasions when approached by the owner of an image. Apparently this is of little use to Tumblr and instead they threaten my entire account with termination. 

So, to protect my primary For The Love of a Submissive blog which contains hundreds of thousands of words of my original writing from being arbitrarily deleted by big brother Yahoo! and their acquisition Tumblr, I am deleting all of the image posts on the photo blog one-by-one because I have no way of knowing what their pedigree or copyright status is since they all came from Tumblr blogs that never provided attribution or credit.

I will remain active on my primary For The Love of a Submissive blog unless or until Yahoo!/Tumblr decides to delete my account without warning at which point all of the written resources I have created there over the past several years will have been lost forever.

Thank you Tumblr and Yahoo! for undoing more than two years of effort into what was to me and apparently 26,000 other Tumblr bloggers an aesthetically pleasing blog. I sure hope Tumblr doesn’t take it upon themselves to delete all of my original written content too…making them a far worse offender than any inadvertent copyright infringement I may have unknowingly committed by posting images found elsewhere on Tumblr here.

Its a sad day here at For The Love of a Submissive.

For The Love of a Submissive Photo Gallery - 20,000!

So when I wasn’t looking, the FTLOAS Photo Gallery blog surpassed 20,000 followers proving that Tumblrs really are in it for the pictures.  ;)  Meanwhile my main For The Love of a Submissive blog focussing on the written word about D/s relationships has somewhere north of 12,000 followers. This is an interesting study in human behavior. LOL

I hope you continue to enjoy the black and white images of BDSM and D/s relationships here and more shall be continually added as I discover them around Tumblr and the web.

Cheers and thanks for your follow!